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Yacht Engineer Training

With this role in high demand, candidates whom possess the right qualities and experience are highly advised to follow the route of Yacht Engineer and capitalize on the impressive salaries currently offered.

The Engineering department is highly respected on-board a Superyacht due to the crucial role they perform. Similar to the Captain, the Yacht cannot operate without Engineers, whom are responsible for the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. This could include a range of jobs such as: Engines, Generators, Water Makers, Air-Conditioners, TV’s, Refrigerators, Jet-Ski’s, Powerboats etc.

This 19 day course is ideal for those looking to get into an Engineering role on board and includes the Approved Engine Course (AEC1), delivered by PYT South Africa, which, in terms of the MCA requirements for commercially and privately operated yachts, means that without an Approved Engine Course (AEC1) qualification, a crew member cannot progress through the rest of the engineering qualifications, namely: AEC2, Small Vessel Second Engineer (formerly Y4) < 200GT and < 1,500kW, Small Vessel Chief Engineer (formerly Y3) < 500GT and < 3,000kW, Small Vessel Chief Engineer (formerly Y2/Y1) < 3,000GT and < 9,000kW.

Course Breakdown

STCW 2010

Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

RYA Powerboat Level 2

MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC1)

*RYA training provided by Superyachting South Africa

*MCA training provided by PYT South Africa

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