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RYA tuition delivered by Super Yachting South Africa

Superyacht Laundry Course: The world’s first Superyacht-specific 1 Day Laundry Course

We are excited to announce the launch of our 1 Day Superyacht Laundry Course, right here in Cape Town, South Africa.  A worldwide industry first, designed for entry & mid-level Stewardesses. Professional, highly relevant and informative, this course is perfect for those entering the Superyacht industry or looking to progress their Stewardess career.

Through our own research and discussions with Chief Stewardesses, we discovered that most entry /mid-level Stewardesses do not possess the expertise or understanding of:

* How to care for expensive and rare fabrics

* How to remove industry-specific stains (sunscreen, engine oil, red wine, sweat stains etc.)

* How to sort and pack guest clothes

* Superyacht laundry health & safety

* Superyacht laundry equipment

* Marine products & detergents

* Etc……

In order to plug this knowledge gap, we enlisted the help of a well-known laundry expert and teamed her up with our in-house Chief Stewardess. The result is a highly invaluable source of information and industry specific know-how which includes your very own Superyacht Laundry manual to be used as a point of reference in times of need.

As the industry becomes more professional and equally competitive, it is important to set yourself apart and further your own knowledge. Trends suggest that specialty training is the next crew frontier and early-adopters will be rewarded with the jobs that matter. For this reason, we have included the Superyacht Laundry Course in our popular Superyacht Stewardess Course.

The course includes, but is not limited to:

* Fabric knowledge
* Scientific understanding of stains
* Stain treatment
* Understanding label instructions
* Superyacht Laundry procedures
* Superyacht Laundry equipment and use
* Specific drying techniques
* Professional ironing techniques
* Linen storage and care
* Laundry products and detergents
* Understanding environmental impact
* Laundry health and safety

Ready to get started?

For more information, course schedules and availability contact us

1 Day programme
Venue: Green Point, Cape Town
Accommodation: N/A
Superyacht Laundry Course completion certificate

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