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Work as an Engineer on a Superyacht

Do you have an interest in Engineering / Diesel Engines OR a Diploma/Degree in this field and would like to explore this route as an Engineer onboard Superyachts? If you answered YES, then this is the role for you. Engineers play a pivotal role onboard and are responsible for the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. Role includes: mechanical and electrical operations, general problem solving onboard. This could include a range of jobs such as: Engines, Generators, Water Makers, Air-Conditioners, TV’s, Refrigerators, Jet-Ski’s, Powerboats etc. Exterior additions: Driving onboard tender (Powerboat), Line handling and assisting in general deck operations Engineers are highly respected and earn a great salary. This particular role is on our *High Demand* list due to the current demand in the Industry.
Those looking to climb the “Superyacht ladder” will pass through the following ranks: * Junior Engineer * 2nd Engineer * Chief Engineer Salary: This is between  €3000 – €4000 per month (Mediterranean) / $4000 – $5000 per month (Caribbean) plus tips if on a charter yacht.
Our Superyacht Engineer Course includes all necessary training and qualifications in order to realize your dream of starting off in the Superyacht Industry as an Engineer. Similarly, Deckhands or Deck/Engineer candidates whom would like to strengthen their CV and gain a competitive edge should complete their AEC (MCA Approved Engine Course). All candidates receive our highly regarded support system including the following: * Assistance with visa’s (Schengan or B1/B2) * Advice and assistance with Seamans Books * Assistance with opening up an Offshore Bank account * Superyacht CV template (believe it or not, this is very different to a normal CV re: format and structure, and can be the difference between getting a job or not) * Worldwide list of crew agencies * Worldwide list of crew accommodation * Advice on daily expenditure & budgeting overseas * Interview techniques

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