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RYA Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) Instructors Course

RYA tuition provided by Superyachting South Africa

The RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor Course, provided by Superyachting South Africa, is for candidates who wish to issue RYA Personal Watercraft (jet-ski) licences to guests/crew on board Superyachts. For those who work in the yachting industry or who want to start working in the yachting industry, obtaining the RYA PWC Instructors Certificate will greatly increase your chances of employment on board. There is much demand for yacht crew who hold the Personal Watercraft Instructor Certificate.

Jet Ski

N.B.: It is illegal for a crew member or guest to drive a Jet Ski without a certification for safety & insurance reasons

Why you should complete the RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor Course:

* Regulations – Every Yacht must have a PW Instructor on board if they are operating commercially in the Mediterranean.

* Competitive Edge – PW Instructor certification is probably one of the most important Industry related qualifications new crew should invest in.

* Safety – As a PW Instructor you will be required to train up and issue PW licenses to crew and guests whom want to operate a jet-ski on their own. Alternatively, a crew member or guest MUST be a passenger on a jet-ski driven by an individual with a PW license.

What does the course cover?

* Instructing syllabus

* Correct instruction techniques & briefings

* Visual aids

* Notes on key teaching points

* Instruction DVD for guests to watch.

* Detailed overview of RYA inspection process & required paperwork

* Taking care of your Personal Watercraft & equipment


  • To progress to PW Instructor you need to first gain your PW Licence via the PW Proficiency Course. Having this, you can then utilise your vessels Jet Ski and gain the required experience (1 or 2 seasons) before upgrading your certification to Instructor level.
  • If you own a jet-ski, you must be a frequent user and be confident in your ability to drive & maintain your jet-ski. You will be required to complete the PW Proficiency Course, before you can proceed on to PW Instructor Course.
  • Valid first aid certificate

You will be required to register as an RYA member upon successful completion of this course

N.B: You must have experience as a PWC driver to participate in this course so please contact us for verification of qualifying experience. Captains are concerned about guests’ safety on board a personal water craft and the legal consequences if an accident were to occur.

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