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The Yacht Deckhand Course

The Yacht Deckhand course covers the all-important duties of a professional Yacht Deckhand. Without the necessary core training you will just be another yachtie looking for a job with no motor yacht experience nor relevant training. In addition to relevant on the job simulated training, you will gain your first day work entry and experience which can be included on your CV.

Yacht Deckhand Training

The following topics are covered extensively in the Yacht Deckhand Course:

* Guest etiquette & duties
* Yacht terminology, communication & signals
* Wash down procedures
* Maintenance & repairs
* Marine applications
* Teak maintenance
* Woodwork & varnishing
* Caulking
* Line handling & ropework
* Anchoring duties
* Navigational watch

Learning your job role is the most important aspect of any yacht training. Captains and your superiors expect you to know how to use yacht equipment & products and understand superyacht protocol.

The Yacht Deckhand Training course is held on various premium Motor Yachts. Crew receive their first induction on board a Motor Yacht, as well as their first reference for day work into the industry. The course covers every aspect of a Yacht Deckhand’s job on board, as well as topics such as day work, dock walking, visas, crew agents, placement, career development, guest interaction, etc.

The focus of the course is to give entry level yacht crew the practical experience needed to step on board their new vessel as professional, informed crew right from the start.

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