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STCW Basic Training Course

STCW Basic Training Course

The STCW Basic Training Course offered in Cape Town runs every week and is the minimum legal requirement for all crew working commercially at sea. The STCW training, conducted by our highly skilled mariner partners, provides crew with the opportunity to experience and train using real-life scenarios under safe conditions. It is essential to prepare crew for any and all eventualities at sea in order to protect the lives of fellow crew and guests on-board.

If you are looking to join the yachting or superyachting industry as a deckhand, stewardess, engineer or chef, you will need to complete your STCW training.

Marine Fire Fighting Training

The STCW Basic Training Course is internationally recognized and meets all international standards prescribed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The STCW 2010 course, formerly STCW 95, is made up of 4 modules with each certificate valid for a period of 5 years. Prior to the expiry date, you may refresh your STCW certificates.

South Africa is one of the most affordable places in the world to complete your STCW Course and is usually 3 – 4 times less expensive than other countries.


Duration: 9 days
Modules: Elementary First Aid, Marine Fire Fighting, Personal Safety & Social Responsibility + Personal Safety Techniques
Location: Cape Town


Breakdown of STCW training modules

  • Elementary First Aid: This STCW course module will provide you with the basic knowledge & understanding of what to do when encountering an accident or medical emergency on board the yacht or cruise ship.
  • Marine Fire Fighting: You will learn about fire prevention on board a yacht or ship, proper use of equipment and shipboard firefighting drills and procedures.
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR): This STCW training prepares you for the day-to-day emergencies that may occur, safe working practices and understanding of basic employment and working conditions on board the yacht or cruise ship.
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST): This STCW course module teaches you the essential principles of sea survival and safety including: donning of lifejackets, launching of life rafts, evacuation and use of search and rescue tools.

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