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MCA Yacht Rating Course

Large yachts especially those over 200Gt require Deckhands to have certain minimum certification levels in order to meet manning requirements set out by the MCA. The minimum usually required is the MCA Yacht Rating Certificate.

It usually takes 6 months of sea service + task book completion in order to be eligible for an MCA Yacht Rating Certificate, however, by booking your MCA Yacht Rating course with us, delivered by PYT South Africa, your sea service requirement is reduced to 2 months and there is no need to fill out a task book.

Additional Benefits:

• Assists with the commercial career progression path which is set out and recommended by the governing superyacht body – Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)
• Ensures you, the student, meet safe manning requirements for vessels and in doing so makes you more employable.
• Once you obtain your Yacht Rating Certificate, you only need a total of 6 months sea service + steering certificate or Navigational Watch Rating (NWR) certificate in order to complete the Efficient Deckhand (EDH) course – The Efficient Deckhand (EDH) course is now a mandatory requirement for Officer of the Watch (OOW) and must be held for a period of 18 months prior to the issue of your Officer of the Watch.

MCA Yacht Rating breakdown:

• Steering and helm orders
• Keeping a proper lookout and lookout duties (Navigational Watch)
• Monitoring and controlling a safe watch
• Shipboard terms and definitions
• Life-saving and firefighting equipment
• Importance of musters and drills
• Common knots, bends and hitches
• Handling of mooring lines
• Care, use and storage of ropes and wires
• Safe operation of mooring winches, windlass and capstan
• The importance and safe operation of watertight doors, hatches and hull openings
• The Code of Safe Working Practices
• Engine watch keeping duties
• Terms used in machinery space and the names of machinery and equipment
• Pollution Prevention

*MCA training provided by PYT South Africa

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