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We often receive unsolicited e-mails from satisfied customers. Here are a few recent comments.

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Mark Airey, South Africa

(72m Motor Yacht)

“Doing my yacht courses through Certified Training gave me a great grounding in all I needed to know when trying to enter the yachting industry. The courses involved many practical exercises which I felt was a great help.

The instructors were hands on and very approachable during all my courses, which was integral in my learning. We were also taught about how to approach boats and how to put a yachting CV together which is vital when trying to find a job in an extremely competitive industry.

I was lucky enough to find job on a beautiful 72 metre motor yacht just two weeks into my job hunt. As I’ve said already, I feel the grounding I got during these courses played a big role in me landing that first job.”

Charles Scheffers, South Africa

Thank you so much for the experience. The training centers were beyond informative and the instructors were amazing.”

Matthew Nuttall-Smith, South Africa

“I really enjoyed my overall experience during my training! Amazing people, amazing facilities and everyone was willing to help in any situation!”

Emily Shuttleworth-white, South Africa

“It is very easy to be wary when deciding if the yachting industry is something one should enter or not – there are a huge number of factors that go into joining the industry and working at sea, many of which are not common knowledge to most of us. Thankfully, Certified Superyacht Academy had this covered – besides providing all the necessary courses required to work on superyachts, they also provided an abundance of knowledge! They were always a phone call or email away if I had any problems or questions and were always more than willing to help.

The courses themselves were informative yet fun and entertaining as well as being a great opportunity to network! At the beginning, the decision to pursue yachting was one that frightened me and caused me huge amounts of stress.I am now completely at ease and have no doubt that I will succeed in this industry!”

Ryno van Zyl, South Africa

“Good job Certified Training, friendly people always willing to help with anything.  Gives me a lot of confidence to take on this adventure with all the advice and training.”

Maxime Lomey, South Africa

“Thank you so so much for all your help with all my courses , I would definitely recommend Certified Training to anyone in the future”

Rebecca Campbell, South Africa

(37 metre M/Y GForce)

“Thanks to Certified Superyacht Training’s expert training, advice and guidance, I found a great job on a 37m M/Y within two weeks of arriving in Antibes! I was well-prepared for the realities of the season and even got to use my tender-driving skills as the junior Stew because the Captain was confident in my training and certification. Thank you to Conrad, Kirsty and the Certified Superyacht Training team!”

Michael Meyer, South Africa

I really enjoyed doing the rya powerboat course, Ian knew what he was talking about and I understood everything he taught me about driving a boat as well as doing safety checks.

Travis Paterson, South Africa

To all at Certified Superyacht Training,

I am finally here in Antibes. Its still quite surreal and am thoroughly enjoying it.

To Kirsty,

Thank you for keeping me informed and up to date continuously. For always being so helpful and friendly. Was always so easy to chat with you and I appreciate everything you did and organised for me.

To Shamus,

Thank you for all the theory lessons, chart work was a pleasure with you as well as the radio course. Your stories were always enjoyable and you really made learning fun which makes it easier to learn at the end of the day. RTFQ!! WTC.

To Phil,

A really big thank you. You took me from an absolute novice and turned me into a day skipper in 10 days and I can say that with confidence. Your experience shines through in your teaching methods and you shared a lot more knowledge outside of what we were doing as well which I am grateful for. It was such an awesome 10 days. I would do it again tomorrow. When I come back and will request you as a lecturer on future courses.

To everyone as a whole, it was a pleasure doing my courses with you. I really enjoyed the vibe. Will be sure to return for the next bunch of courses.


Adele Jordaan, South Africa

“Certified’s service has been great thus far. Your response is always quick and you are very efficient in what you do. I would do any course through certified again and will suggest you to anyone i know. The STCW course was absolutely great. Had so much fun and enjoyed it a lot.”

Anna Shilina’s

“You’ve really helped me a lot with all this stuff, I would have been very lost without it all!”

Kelly Francis, South Africa

– Reply after we set up an interview on a cruise ship for her

“I really appreciate all your efforts in getting me this far with my dream. I cannot thank you enough.”

Kim Pannack’s

– comments on the Certified Superyacht Presentation

“Your presentation was extremely valuable!!”

Renee Du Rand’s

– comments on the Certified Superyacht Presentation

“I enjoyed the info session and found you to be very thorough with information shared. Am thankful for your willingness to help people progress in the industry.”

Jessica de Bruin’s

– comments on the STCW 95 course which she completed in order to work on Cruise Ships.

“Thank you, the course was really fun and sufficient”

Tristan Gilday, South Africa

“Training through Certified was great, as the instructors were well informed about the industry and how things work overseas.

All questions I had were answered & explained in detail and the courses were fun and very worthwhile. If you’re serious about getting a job on a Superyacht, there is no better place to be.“

Alschke Mielmann, South Africa

“I found that Certified Superyacht Academy was an effortless and efficient company to deal with. They ensured I had all the necessary information to complete my courses well informed and prepared. 

Carla was always available and willing to help and accommodate me with all my questions and enquiries. 

The training courses were challenging but also very enjoyable. The professional instructors were amazing, sharing experiences and knowledge. 

I would recommend your training to all future trainee’s.”

Rory Lavoipierre, South Africa

“I just wanted to say thank-you very much to Christy at Certified Training for all her help in answering all my questions and booking all the courses for me. I feel very confident in tackling the yachting industry after all the courses I’ve been on and learning from the most experienced lecturers/instructors. I know I can be a success in this industry.

Candice Elizabeth Rick, South Africa

(25 Metre M/Y Low Blow)

“I was fortunate enough to do my RYA PBII course with the Certified team in Cape Town. Unfortunately, I could not do my other courses through them as they were fully booked and for a good reason….they are fantastic!

Training under a team of ex-superyacht crew changes the way you learn and certainly helped me in my steps to starting my career in yachting. Throughout the course everything was explained exceptionally well, all questions answered, organisation was a main priority as well as the understanding of all pupils. The practical side was the best part, all the information learnt in the class was put into action, not only did it give me confidence going into the industry, but it was also very fun.

I highly recommend Certified for anyone that would like to join the superyacht industry. They not only help you get ready to enter the industry but also assist when you are overseas and need advice or help. All in all, very supportive and a great resource that can be called upon throughout your yachting career.”

Jordan Mitchell, South Africa

“We were lectured and helped by individuals who had actually lived and worked on the yachts and were both passionate and enthusiastic about the industry. It helped us understand the nature of the job and what would be expected of us as well as provided detailed answers to questions we had yet been able to answer. The instructors were patient and engaging and all around good guys. I will definitely be returning for tickets in the future and have already advised friends to pick up courses via your programmes.”

Raniero D’Alberto, South Africa

(54 metre M/Y Maraya)

I landed a permanent job on Monday. Got a call from the agent at around 9:30, then the captain called 2 minutes later, went straight for an interview and by 11:30 I was on board…


Anyway just thought I would let you know and also thanks for all the help..

Donaven van der Merwe, South Africa

(54 metre M/Y Sea Force)

“Hey man just popping in to let you know I got a job last weekend on a 54m in Italy. M/Y SEA FORCE ONE. So just want to say thanks to you and all at certified superyacht training  shot man keep well”

David Jones, UK

“I got your details from my brother, Wesley Jones. He has just finished his first season as a crew member of Jazz of Monaco, thanks to your training courses.”

Carly Jack, South Africa

“Antibes has been a blast, start to finish… I see what you mean now about the Rose, baguettes, fromage and chirizo sausages coming out of your ears… good times!

I got a great job, just wanted to let you guys know!

50m Super yacht, new build, I am deck/stew which is best of both worlds… 9 crew, starts on 1st July in Sanremo Italy, world cruising as of next Feb…

I am super excited!”

Lance Green

(March 2010 – M/Y Candyscape II 62 metre)

“I would just like to thank Richard & Conrad at certified training for there professional and efficient service I received.

Having investigated all possible avenues to get into the Yachting Industry I came across the Certified website and sent through my request and contact details. Within an hour I received a breakdown of all the necessary requirements for the various positions and costs for all the courses, I was able to easily review what I needed and book my course and by the following day I had a reply email confirming the dates for my STCW and Powerboat courses. There after sales service was excellent, contacting me after I had completed the course to see how it went and if there was any way in which they could improve their Service. I was very impressed with this as they made me feel I wasn’t a number to them and they showed a genuine interest in me as a customer.

I also enjoy that they’re always updating me of upcoming courses and necessary information I might need to further my yachting career.

I will definitely recommend Certified Training to anyone who is looking at getting into the yachting industry!

Thanks again”

Damion Swan

– on completing his STCW 95 Course

“Finished the STCW on Sunday. Really enjoyed it. The trainers/instructors where all excellent. I do feel a lot more confident about the prospect of spending extended periods of time afloat. Also made some great connections that I’m sure will come in use in the future.”

Roxann Lautenberg, South Africa

“Certified Superyacht Academy was great, from beginning to end!

The student care was really nice throughout the course, always checking up on us, sending us the right information, easy to communicate with via email and phone call.

I enjoyed each course individually and most certainly, the Stewardess Career Course with Cristin!

Certified Superyacht Academy has a really humble team behind the scenes and it was such a pleasure doing all the courses with them!”

Tiaan Pistorius, South Africa

“It was so great! I would happily recommend Certified!”

Telana Van Wyk, South Africa

(30 Metre M/Y)

“Hi Guys, I found the perfect job for me this season, thank you so much for the proper training. SAFFAS are on top 🙂 “

Connor Wakefield, South Africa

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done! These past few weeks have been incredible, I’ve met so many people and learnt alot. You have an amazing team of instructors, please let them know they are great and I hope to see everybody in the near future!”

William Smith, South Africa

(63 metre M/Y Mine Games)

“Having been given great training and explanations by experienced instructors, I had total confidence and the ability to stand out, especially with regards to the watersports.”

Ron Hadas, Israel

“Thank you Conrad,

I’ve done many courses in my life and met lots of different guides, and you are between the best and most professional ones.”

Graeme Holmes, South Africa

“Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the team at Certified Training.

I had a blast and learnt a lot! I would like to make special mention of Kat, he really helped me out a lot and made the courses that much more enjoyable and informative! I’m very happy that I chose you guys and will definitely recommend you to anyone that is interested in getting into the industry.”

Jane Ann Warren, South Africa

(60 metre M/Y)

“Thanks for all the assistance you and Kirsty gave me starting out on this venture! I did feel really prepared and a step ahead of the rest when I first arrived in Antibes.”

Cassandra Gillie, South Africa

“Awesome time, awesome people and successfully passed all my courses. Thank you certified superyacht training academy!!”

Stef Hoffgen Berger, South Africa

(30 metre M/Y Gemini Lady)

Hey Conrad

Thought I’d let you know that I’m tender driver on a 10m, to a 28m sail yacht. Absolutely rocking it. I even have to pick up guests alongside, whilst the boats are cruising at 10knots. James Bond stuff right there!

Thanks for all the help (and patience)

David Jones, UK

“I hope you are all well. I just wanted to give you the good news. Lee-Anne and I both got full time jobs on separate yachts. Her yacht is called My Petra and mine is call Lionheart. We are both very happy and super excited for the season ahead, but mostly grateful and appreciate the time we spend in Cape Town doing courses with you.”

Johann Rousseau, South Africa

“Just a quick thank you for your help with my STCW 95. It was fun.”

Greg Hanley, South Africa

“It’s great to meet people who are passionate about what they do. Your enthusiasm and willingness to help is very impressive, and I would recommend Certified to anyone.”

Jon Cunningham, UK

“I’m so glad I found your website. The training was exceptional and far cheaper than the UK!”

Lianne Diamond, Eurolux South Africa

“Hi Guys,

The feedback I got from both our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices were very positive, but especially so from the Cape Town training.The Johannesburg learners reported that the training was a lot of fun and they enjoyed it very much. The Cape Town learners came back very enthusiastic from the training. They said that they learnt a lot of stuff that they would never have thought of before. They thought it was great fun. And especially enjoyed the fact that there was so much practical where they could apply their taught knowledge.
An extract from an email of one of the employees who gave feedback about the course:

“The training we had yesterday was fun and interesting. The course was presented in a professional manor.Theory – The presenter was professional in the way he presented training. His message was clear and fully understandable. Practical – Was fun…dressing up, looking the part, and doing exercises, which definitely helped building team spirit, working as a team and most importantly, learning the correct procedures, to be followed in case of a fire occurring.”

Once again, thank you so much for organising such a successful training programme. You have really provided excellent service and I would most certainly recommend your company to other organisations who are in search of training service providers.”

Anna Shilina

– , one of our many successful students. We wish you the best of luck! Fair winds and smooth sailing. (34m Sunseeker)

“I Just wanna let you know that I got a job here in Monaco, found one after a week of dockwalking, which is lucky. The competition is tight, but there are jobs going around. Interesting industry, learning a lot, having to adapt to the lifestyle too, but all good 🙂 Thanks again for all your help in getting me here!”

Dean Charles Hauptfleisch

“The courses were very good thanks, quite an amazing experience actually. I already have permanent employment, I just did the course to further my education and hopefully I’ll be able to work on my bosses yacht now.”

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