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Yacht Stewardess Course

The Yacht Stewardess role is perfectly suited to those whom have a passion for or experience in the hospitality field. The Yacht Stewardess Course forms an integral part of the Yacht Stewardess Career Course which provides the rest of the minimum requirements and much needed skills in order to gain employment.

Yacht Stewardess Training

The following topics are covered extensively in the Yacht Stewardess Course:

* Interior introduction – Job role, interview process, CV, yachting do’s and don’ts, crew contracts, yachting etiquette, radio communication, checklists & inventories, laundry, product knowledge, housekeeping, flower arranging, yacht storage etc.

* Food service specific to Superyacht’s and different nationalities – Table settings, working with menus & dietary requirements including food intolerance / allergies

* Wine & Cocktail – Intro to wine & cocktails, service and the role of the bartender

* Barista training – Tea and coffee brewing process, service & styles

The STCW 2010 Basic Course is always going to be the logical starting point. This is much the same for exterior crew, but from there, the next step would be a Specialist Yacht Stewardess training course. Superyacht crew roles have become more professional and more demanding as a result.

The Yacht Stewardess Course has been designed to meet international standards and provide new crew with the confidence and competence to complete their jobs at the highest level possible. You will be in direct contact with guests and owners and it is you who could be the difference between an average or amazing experience which is directly linked to the crew tip amount. Yacht Stewardesses therefore need to realize their responsibility and the important role they play and ensure that their training & skills are up to scratch and in line with the industry standard.

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